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Barely less than 10 years ago, having a reliable back-end operator, generic software, a few database tools, some spreadsheet templates and skilled employees was traditionally enough to minimally operate and grow a top level domain name Registry. That’s no longer enough. Especially for the future.

Hence the RegistryOffice service was originally conceived and built to address the business intelligence needs of a Registry operator, as the backend provider or other sources could not fulfill their needs. After discussing with other colleagues it was realised that there were many other registries who needed a similar service. As it is vital for Registries to be able to track, take action and have efficient tools to manage its TLD(s), it was a no-brainer to share RegistryOffice with the industry.

RegistryOffice_LogoRegistryOffice is a software as a service (SaaS) that measures the performance of your Registry from the inside, joining data from internal and external sources with machine learning together with AI to improve insight in order to find patterns and trends that would otherwise be hard to discover manually.

A key component of RegistryOffice is the Dashboard. The Dashboard shows the heartbeat of the Registry – key performance indicators to ensure that the Registry is operating according to expectations.  The Dashboard is made to be flexible and customizable, hence all reports and views can be tailored to specific Registry needs.

That’s one reason why we have new gTLD and country-specific (ccTLD) Registry Operators as clients. We are now providing intelligence for over 5.6 million domains under management (DUMs) across 100+ TLDs. We have processed over 14.2 million transactions through our service.

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