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Did you know that we provide Consulting Services?


RegistryOffice Consulting has an extensive background in providing professional consulting services to domain name registry and registrar operators. Our in-house consultants have decades of industry experience and wisdom to share.  Consulting services available include:

  • Registrar Business Development Strategy and Management
  • Communication Management
  • Registry Operations Management
  • Registry Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Registry and Registrar Policy Management
  • Contract Management (RA, RRA, RAA, promo and reseller agreements, etc.)
  • Guidance in the China market
  • Website development, copyrighting, editing and management
  • Buying or selling a TLD
  • Applying for a TLD (contemplated ICANN second round)

Premium Names Consulting Services

RegistryOffice has a range of premium name consultancy services, including

  • Premium name strategy
  • Premium domain name discovery
  • Premium name appraisal using an algorithm developed by RegistryOffice
  • Premium name sales audit
  • Premium name website integration
  • Assist with registrar and end-user adoption

Additional note : Included in the RegistryOffice Business Intelligence service at no extra charge is a module that enables you to manage your premium name inventory.  This module allows you to efficiently view your premium inventory and sales history, manage your premium inventory in different channels and generate reports and statistics on premium name sales.

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